Mammography Continuing Education – Live Events

AHEC sponsors multiple live events with different faculty and course content annually. In fact, it’s pretty amazing that we keep up with where each seminar has been and make sure that our attendees get something new and fresh each year. Our seminars for mammography continuing education are designed in 5 to 8 hour formats. In the more urban markets, we send faculty and coursework several times each year, but in the smaller places mammo CE goes annually.

AHEC has educational partnerships in geographic regions where it is very difficult to obtain mammo CE. Instructors have driven many miles in rain, snow, and storms to arrive on time. We call our faculty road warriors as they frequently spar with the airlines (What do you mean, this is the last flight? I have to be there at 7 AM tomorrow!), rental car companies (No, I don’t need to upgrade and I have my own insurance), and hotels (What do you mean, you have lost the credit card?). In spite of these trials and tribulations, they arrive and do a wonderful job of sharing their expertise with the class.

To become an educational partner, you just schedule with us, host the seminar, talk it up to your colleagues, provide a room, audiovisual equipment, and maybe some coffee and a pastry. We do the rest. It is a hassle free method to get specific education delivered to your doorstep. With your capabilities to tune in, via computer, our Houston classroom simulcasts, we have opened a new door to new horizons. With a simulcast, everyone can log on, from work or home, and participate. Or, if you prefer, you can get a group together, name a proctor to verify attendance, and have one person log on at the computer and everyone else gets to watch. You do have to pre-arrange this method so we can get sign-in sheets and get everyone address, email, and prepare a roster that is faxed to the proctor. Certificates are emailed or mailed via the post office after completion of the simulcast and receipt of the sign-in sheet in our office. The simulcast gives everyone a chance to choose a specialty conference such as cardiovascular, CT, MRI, mammography or others that relate to their skills instead of attending whatever event is available.