Mammography Education and Training

Since 1989, the Advanced Health Education Center, LTD (AHEC) has been educating credentials radiologic technologist in Mammography and providing continuing education to enhance mammography skills. AHEC’s team of mammography experts were involved in the original meetings to develop state and federal laws to standardize mammography quality and have been developing curriculum since the conception of the Mammography Quality Standards Act. Our expert faculty are regarded as forerunners in the development of clinical mammographers’ skill sets. Our staff provided instruction to assist facilities modernize and comply with the new standards as accreditation of facilities became a requirement. AHEC faculty has taken an active role in helping health organizations build new mammography departments and facilities where mammography services weren’t previously available in their geographic areas. AHEC’s mammography training and consulting services are designed to help gain and retain the knowledge required to provide the finest patient care.

AHEC’s Mammography Initial Training course offers certified radiologic technologist the opportunity to earn the required amount of classroom education and clinical procedures necessary to take the Mammography registry with ARRT.

Mammography Consulting

Advanced Health Education Center (AHEC) offers support with re-accreditation and regulatory compliance, including compliance reviews, which include recommendations for policies and procedures, patient tracking, usage of specialized information systems and practice standards.

For assistance with MQSA Inspection Preparation and accreditation applications for new and current imaging sites, AHEC offers on-site and remote consulting services. These are crucial since current ACR accreditation certifications are a requirement for all imaging centers.

There are various reasons why new and existing sites would request assistance with their certification. Some facilities struggle with the challenging application process, which includes gathering.

Mammography MQSA Requirements
Initial Requirements
    1. Must be one of the following:
      • A general radiography state license. Both initial and continuing education requirements vary by state, so please check with your state licensing agency to confirm if your state requires specific courses and which CE credits your state accepts.
      • A radiography certification through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists or the American Registry of Clinical Radiography Technologists.
  1. Complete 40 hours of initial training in mammography, which includes breast anatomy, physiology, positioning, compression, quality assurance and quality control techniques, and imaging of patients with breast implants.
  2. Complete 25 mammography examinations under the supervision of an MQSA-qualified individual.
  3. Obtain 8 hours of initial mammography modality-specific training prior to using any modality independently. The modalities include full-field digital mammography, digital breast tomosynthesis, screen film mammography and xeromammography.
Ongoing Requirements

Once you have satisfied your initial requirements to perform mammography exams, you will must earn 15 mammography specific continuing education (CE) credits in the 36 months immediately preceding your facility’s annual MQSA inspection.

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Come spend the day learning how to use the new digital mammography application, which is predicted to result in a higher detection rate for breast cancer and a decrease in callback rates.

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