Mammography Consulting Services

AHEC has been helping our clients with mammography consulting services for a long time. We provide on-site services to assist with regulatory inspection problems or accreditation reviews. Our consultants can design an acceptable compliance plan or plan of action to correct deficiencies specific to your facility. We travel to your location to provide staff training for better positioning, image review, inspection preparedness, and quality analysis.

We can help you open your own center with program startup including policies and procedures, equipment selection, and layout design. We can even help you find qualified staff through our staffing agency.

A thorough check-up of your records and paperwork will prevent many surprises form a MQSA inspection. We advise everyone not to wait until the inspector is on the doorstep, but to be prepared in advance. AHEC keeps our continuing education records for our clients for 6 years and the documentation for initial training indefinitely so a phone call can produce a lost certificate in a short period of time; probably while the inspector is onsite.

We also do productively and work process to assess workflows and departmental roadblocks to patient throughput. Every department is trying to maximize the number of patients that can be examined in a day maximize reimbursement. Let us help you with seeing the obstacles.

Many of clients for mammography and bone density sponsor seminars for their employees, physicians, and staff. We have the ability to combine the consultant part with the continuing education and can approve activities for the mammography technologists, the physicians, and the nursing staff. Some companies owning multiple centers in multiple locations will bring all their staff together for an improving skills workshop.

We design with you in mind. We are a helping partner and will make your action plan as easy and convenient as we possible can.

Give us a call and see what we can do. WE MAKE HOUSE CALLS!