Cristi Baker

Cristi is a Mammography instructor and consultant for AHEC.  She has worked in Radiology for over 20 years and graduated from Houston Community College with an Associates in Applied Science.  She received her Mammography initial training through AHEC. Most recently she graduated with a bachelor’s in Radiologic Science at Midwestern State University with plans to pursue a Master’s.  Cristi currently works as at Kelsey-Seybold Clinic where she performs mammography, Bone Density, and general diagnostic radiology. She has always had a passion for working with patients and although it can be challenging, mammography has been the most rewarding aspect of her career. She truly loves what she does, and loves the patients that she serves.  Cristi’s passion for mammography extends into teaching and she believes it’s always important to better yourself through learning. She wants my mammography students to be excited about learning because that will promote positive patient interactions.

Crisit feels It’s a blessing to be able to take two things that she loves so much and combine them together.  It is her hope in teaching the Mammography Initial Training course to set the students on their path with a good foundation and an excitement for their new career.