Requalification to Perform Mammography

If you have been away from mammography for 2 years or more and have not performed 200 patient procedures to keep skills current you must requalify. If your continuing education is not specific to mammography or if you failed to get the required hours specific to mammography, you must requalify.

Requalification for a mammographer who has not been away from the mammo workforce very long is not difficult. It requires 15 hours of continuing education in mammography and 25 patient procedures under supervision. The 25 patient procedures are not easy to obtain because facilities do not want the liability of a non-employee in their department. AHEC has helped many mammographers requalify and establish what would be required for the individual person to pass an inspectors review.

If the mammographer was practicing before the regulations for 40 hours of training was implemented, probably re-entry will include taking the initial training course to refresh skills.

It is all dependent on your history. Call us and we can help you sort it out. Requalification is not free. Clinical slots include insurance and instructor's fees.