Mammography Continuing Education - Live Webinars

Beginning in 1991, Advanced Health Education Center started training classes to teach clinical skills for mammography procedures. Over 31 years, we have campaigned for stricter regulations governing mammographer’s qualifications, coupled with additional coursework to improve skills and make training geographically available. We also have an amazing mammography support group at Advanced Health Education Center who work behind the scenes to ensure quality training, up-to-date information, and have unwavering appreciation of all dedicated, hardworking mammographers. Our expert faculty have recorded their “pearls of wisdom” they have gathered over the years and created a variety of content to share. In order to reach as many technologists as possible, AHEC’s Mammography Continuing Education Program offers a wide range of mammography-related topics in webinar format. Our webinar schedule has been created to accommodate your hectic schedule. The AHEC webinar program was designed with your convenience in mind and leads the industry with wide range of mammography topics.